Exploration Tour in Tromsø

Discover the Paris of the North with its spectacular natural phenomena and rich cultural heritage. Here are five experiences you won’t want to miss and are worth a visit in Tromsø. Explore the city and discover why you should visit the WAY NOR store for memorable souvenirs and gifts.

Tromsø, known as the gateway to the Arctic, is a city rich in polar history and natural beauty. The city offers a unique combination of Arctic adventures and cultural treasures, ideal for tourists looking for both experiences and history. Below are the five essential stops for those who want to take memorable experiences home from Tromsø.

Experience the Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral, officially known as Tromsdalen Church, is one of Tromsø’s most iconic landmarks. With its distinctive architecture this church has become a popular attraction. In winter, the cathedral provides a fantastic backdrop for the majestic Northern Lights, inviting both reflection and admiration.

Fjellheisen to Storsteinen

For a spectacular view of Tromsø and its surroundings, take the Fjellheisen to Storsteinen. This cable car takes you 421 meters above sea level where you can enjoy panoramic views stretching from the city to the fjords and mountains around. It’s an ideal spot for photography, especially during the midnight sun or the Northern Lights.

Buy souvenirs at WAY NOR

No visit to Tromsø is complete without a trip to the WAY NOR’s 600 square metres unique souvenir and gift store. You will be able to experience a unique collection of full size animals such as a polar bear,  brown bear and moose. A selfie with the polar bear is a favourite among tourists. This charming souvenir shop in the heart of the city offers a wide range of handmade souvenirs like trolls and Viking artifacts, ideal for bringing a piece of Norwegian heritage home. WAY NOR also provides tourists a unique opportunity to buy authentic Norwegian crafts.

Here you will find the WAY NOR store in Tromsø.

Visit the Polar Museum

The Polar Museum in Tromsø is dedicated to the region’s polar expeditions and is a fascinating stop for anyone interested in the history of Arctic adventures. The museum details life in the Arctic, focusing on hunting and scientific expeditions. The exhibits provide deep insights into the harsh conditions explorers had to endure and their contributions to polar studies.

Bildet tilhører, og er tatt av, Norges arktiske universitetsmuseum


Botanical Garden

Visit the world’s northernmost botanical garden, the Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden, for a stunning collection of Arctic, Antarctic, and alpine plants. Here, you can see flowers that thrive in the extreme climate conditions of the north, including rare species unique to the region. It’s a perfect place for a relaxing afternoon amidst nature’s beauty.

Tromsø is a city that offers a mix of natural beauty, fascinating history, and rich cultural experiences. From majestic churches to in-depth historical museums and unique souvenir shops, there’s always something new to discover in this Arctic city. Be sure to visit these top five places to get the most out of your visit to Tromsø.