Extraordinary Souvenir Shop in Oslo

Located in the heart of Norway’s vibrant capital, Oslo, with the Stortinget (Parliament) as its nearest neighbor, you’ll find the WAY NOR store – a place where Norwegian mystique and culture come to life. This unique souvenir shop, which spans over 800 square meters, offers more than just memories; it gives every visitor an experience!

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Polar Bear in Oslo

As you enter the premises of WAY NOR, you will immediately notice an impressive sight – a two-meter-tall polar bear staring majestically out towards the Stortinget and all visitors. This polar bear is not just an attraction but also a guardian of the many treasures within the store’s walls. Here, there is something for both young and old. 

Maybe you want a selfie of you and the polar bear?

The store is a favorite spot for tourists, who eagerly snap pictures and selfies with the traditional Norwegian features that represent Norway. From exquisite craftsmanship to iconic symbols of Norwegian culture, every element in the store is a tribute to the Norwegian heritage.

Troll Forest

A distinctive part of the store is ‘The Troll Forest’ – an area dedicated to bringing the mystical trolls of Norway to life. Here, visitors can walk among the trolls and feel an atmosphere straight out of a Norwegian fairy tale.

You will immediately notice that the atmosphere in WAY NOR is filled with laughter and smiles, especially around the collection of Norwegian trolls. These trolls, known from Norwegian fairy tales, are not just popular among children; adults also find great joy in these charming figures.

More Than a Souvenir Shop
WAY NOR is far from a typical souvenir shop. It also offers a glimpse into the history of the Vikings, among others, and lets visitors feel the mystique of Norway through souvenirs that represent the Norwegian cultural heritage. The many stuffed animals also tell a story about Norwegian wildlife.

With the Stortinget as its nearest neighbor, the store stands as a cultural meeting place where visitors can experience the contrast between modern Norway, while moving among trolls and Vikings.

Fortunately, the store is open Sunday and throughout the week, allowing visitors to experience the many treasures that represent the Norwegian cultural heritage.

WAY NOR is not just a place to buy souvenirs; it is a place to experience and become a bit more acquainted with the rich culture and history of Norway. Whether you are looking for a unique gift or want to dive into a world of Norwegian myths and legends, Waynor is the place to visit.